I’ve been up to loads of – in the lack of a better word – stuff. The two main projects of the term – a wayfinding system and a home reference manual – have been handed in, and we’ve just started on professional assignments. Mine has something to do with this.

To pick up a few general highlights: I’ve…

… been to a lecture with the very charismatic Ken Garland; who talked about his work in the 60’s for the CND (Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament), designers vs. non-designers work in social campaigns (refering especially to the Occupy movement), and the importance of voting. Amongst other things.

… been in London with a couple of classmates. We stayed at a super fancy hotel.

Heavily branded slippers / very classy signage. At Andaz Hotel.

We visited Greenwich to do some research / get some inspiration for yet another secretive project (ok, designing a t-shirt).

We found some rather interesting signage/pictograms. Cognitively challenging and… overdramatized?

We walked around in Brick Lane.

I’ve drawn a… motivating illustration.

I’ve realized that the two albums I’ve bought here have some interesting similarities…

And otherwise, for the last two days I’ve been enjoying the lovely weather, and (attempted) reading these two books.

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Christmas @ Mackinder hall

christmas decorated windows

This has annoyed me for a while

Ref: tweet and picture.

Dear ASOS,

Please stop using the Ø as a hip&cool variant of the O on your front page adverts. It looks ridiculous, dumb, and even a bit repelling, especially to us Scandinavians – I believe we represent a big customer group. It is the 28th letter in our alphabet, pronounced as the u in ‘sun’. Try saying 70% øff with that in mind – sounds a bit weird, doesn’t it?

Kind regards, Kari Dahn

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The Mackinder Cat

Look who came to greet me welcome back last tuesday…

The Mackinder Cat! She’s so lovely. I intend to kidnap her one day.

She even has an own fanclub here in the Student Halls, look. Hee, campus c at. Reminds me of a certain lecture yesterday, about a research on how people write their address on their garbage cans. Sounds exciting, no? Well, it was!

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