Typographic delights pt. 3

Every monday we have Typographic Delights sessions with Michael Twyman. Here’s a taste of today’s lecture on cinema magazines of the 1920s and 30s, many made with the photogravure (“dyptrykk”) technique. Taken with my iphone (some with help from various loupes).

I’m honestly scared of touching the materials – and I think I should be as well.

The new website is up

Finally I’ve managed to pull myself together and finish karidahn.org v.3 (such a narcissistic domain name, don’t you think?). If you for some reason would like to visit the previous version, it can be found here.

From no CMS to CuteNews to fantastic WordPress – this weblog version will basically make updating easier for me, and the commenting system is obviously improved. The content of this website will still revolve around graphic and information design, whether it be articles, my actual works, or random fun links like this one. Oh, and the weblog section will probably include more me & my life & what I do-stuff (all in tune with the narcissistic domain name).

On a personal update, in the beginning of October I started on an MA in Information Design at the University of Reading. The timetable is already quite full, containing, among other things, a cross-platform and a catalogue project. It is all very exciting! Updates concerning spesific school work will be posted.

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