About Kari

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My name is Kari Dahn, I was born in 1988 in Trondheim. I am currently studying MA Information Design at the University of Reading. I finished an undergraduate degree in Media Design at Gjøvik University College in spring 2010.

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For me, information design is about communicating with clarity, ease, effectiveness and efficiency. It is a highly interdiciplinary and broad field, and draws on graphic design, psychology, technical writing, digital technology, statistics, ergonomics, and many other diciplines. In practice, it is often connected to areas such as document design, computer and web interfaces, signage and wayfinding, and data visualisations; though information design can be almost everywhere. Information design emphasizes understanding of how users access, learn, and remember information. Good information design is often transparent; it facilitates the user through a task, let’s him focus on the content, and makes the experience pleasureable.

On a non-academic note:

  • Things I like are meeting new people, my fantastic boyfriend Christian, sushi and red wine.
  • Things I dislike are spiders, watching sports, and the typeface Papyrus.


2011–2012    MA Information Design, University of Reading
2010–2011    Introductory study in Psychology, Norwegian University of Science and Technology
2007–2010    BA Media Design, Gjøvik University College

Work experience

Spring 2011    Facilitator / learning assistant in Experts in Teamwork, NTNU
Autumn 2010 – Spring 2011    Webdesign for Heimdal Naturstein AS
Spring 2010    Photo editing for Ramirent
Autumn 2009    Web design for Skjåk Rafting AS
Autumn 2008    Web design for Integratio psykisk helse og familievern.

Volunteer positions

Autumn 2008 – Spring 2010     Art director in student newspaper Fiber.
Autumn 2009 – Spring 2010    Deputy representative for 07HBMEDA, Gjøvik University College.


Software    Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Premiere and Adobe Dreamweaver (HTML, CSS, and basic PHP).
Languages    Norwegian (Swedish, Danish) and English. Basic German.