Procrastination tips

light grafitti
Light graffiti. New hobby. Not very good at it yet.

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Some photos of a secluded coastal village in Northern Norway called Nyksund, March 2011.

And: Merry Christmas, err, everyone!

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Christmas @ Mackinder hall

christmas decorated windows

School update

Two practical projects have been handed in (of which none I am completely happy with). A cross-platform application project, and two catalog spreads ‘explaining technology’. Will bring them up again for some real revising, while spending my holiday here. :)

Until then, a 3000 words essay is to be written. Currently stuck in the research phase. ‘Creating enduring change in behavior with information design’. I might be on to something there…

This has annoyed me for a while

Ref: tweet and picture.

Dear ASOS,

Please stop using the Ø as a hip&cool variant of the O on your front page adverts. It looks ridiculous, dumb, and even a bit repelling, especially to us Scandinavians – I believe we represent a big customer group. It is the 28th letter in our alphabet, pronounced as the u in ‘sun’. Try saying 70% øff with that in mind – sounds a bit weird, doesn’t it?

Kind regards, Kari Dahn

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