School update

Two practical projects have been handed in (of which none I am completely happy with). A cross-platform application project, and two catalog spreads ‘explaining technology’. Will bring them up again for some real revising, while spending my holiday here. :)

Until then, a 3000 words essay is to be written. Currently stuck in the research phase. ‘Creating enduring change in behavior with information design’. I might be on to something there…

Guy Fawkes Night

Went to celebrate Guy Fawkes / Bonfire Night yesterday with two lovely girls from book design. My knowledge of this celebration was restricted to what we learnt about GB in english class in high school. Poor Guy; stupid Bloodthirsty brits…

Er, I had a great night anyway! And one always has to try taking photos:

Not the biggest bonfire I’ve seen. We have bigger ones on Sankthansaften.

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