Website revamp on its way

It’s been half a year (!) with no blogging or updating due to project and dissertation work. (Hey, I got a Merit in my Masters!) I have moved back to cold, cold Norway, and I am currently looking for work. Thanks for a wonderful year, England!

A few peeks from my exhibition:

And these are some of the lovely people I’ve spent a lot of time with the past year:

Typographic delights 07/11

Topic: Forms. Legal documents, ‘the oil in the government’. A means for gathering information – orderly. A tool of authority; to exercise power, and raise money (taxes). Interactive, though slow. France, from 1780 and after.

(I regret to say that these photos are taken with my iPhone.)

School update

Two practical projects have been handed in (of which none I am completely happy with). A cross-platform application project, and two catalog spreads ‘explaining technology’. Will bring them up again for some real revising, while spending my holiday here. :)

Until then, a 3000 words essay is to be written. Currently stuck in the research phase. ‘Creating enduring change in behavior with information design’. I might be on to something there…

The new website is up

Finally I’ve managed to pull myself together and finish v.3 (such a narcissistic domain name, don’t you think?). If you for some reason would like to visit the previous version, it can be found here.

From no CMS to CuteNews to fantastic WordPress – this weblog version will basically make updating easier for me, and the commenting system is obviously improved. The content of this website will still revolve around graphic and information design, whether it be articles, my actual works, or random fun links like this one. Oh, and the weblog section will probably include more me & my life & what I do-stuff (all in tune with the narcissistic domain name).

On a personal update, in the beginning of October I started on an MA in Information Design at the University of Reading. The timetable is already quite full, containing, among other things, a cross-platform and a catalogue project. It is all very exciting! Updates concerning spesific school work will be posted.

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