Typographic delights 07/11

Topic: Forms. Legal documents, ‘the oil in the government’. A means for gathering information – orderly. A tool of authority; to exercise power, and raise money (taxes). Interactive, though slow. France, from 1780 and after.

(I regret to say that these photos are taken with my iPhone.)

So I figured I should update

Blog + doing an MA in Information Design + your name happens to be Kari Dahn = not many updates.

I thought I’d post some more photos from the typographic delight sessions we have every monday with our Father Michael Twyman (he really is the father of the Information Design course!). I’m sure we haven’t seen a fraction of his whole collection yet.

These are from our first session in the autumn semester. French (letterpress) posters.

Apparently, only official documents could use plain white paper in the times before the french revolution. A smart way to filter out advertisement, don’t you think?

Typographic delights pt. 3

Every monday we have Typographic Delights sessions with Michael Twyman. Here’s a taste of today’s lecture on cinema magazines of the 1920s and 30s, many made with the photogravure (“dyptrykk”) technique. Taken with my iphone (some with help from various loupes).

I’m honestly scared of touching the materials – and I think I should be as well.